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Algo trading service in Bangalore

Algorithmic trading is a way of executing orders by virtue of pre-programmed instruction considering various variables including time, money and volume. In this type of trading, those bases are covered where human trading traditional methods turn slow and unproductive. In the 21st century, algorithmic trading has been gaining attention with minimal leverage with both retail and institutional traders. It is widely used by pension, mutual and hedge funds as also in investment banks that may need to cover up the execution of a larger order or perform trades that are quite fast for human traders to react to.

Algo trading software

Algorithmic trading is composed of a computer-generated program that follows a set of instructions i.e. an algorithm to institutionalize a trade. The trade, in theory, can exact profits at a rate and frequency that is not possible for a human trader. It would invest in shares and exact profits in markets before any normal human being identifies it.

Top Algo trading services in Bangalore

Here are some of the top algo trading services in Bangalore.

  • 5Paisa Algo Trading Platform
  • Prabhudas Lilladher Algo Trading Platform
  • Alice Blue Algo Trading Platform
  • Reliance Tick Algo Trading Platform
  • Arihant Capital Algo Trading Platform
  • SMC Global Algo Trading Platform
  • Fox Trader Algo Trading Platform
  • Zerodha Algoz Algo Trading Platform
  • Master trust Algo Trading Platform
  • Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Platform
  • Nirmal Bang Algo Trading Platform

Best robotic automated trading

The robot will take, buy & sell trade automatically in this case. It is legal to implement BOTs. They are mainly used in cryptocurrency trading. Get the best robotic automated trading with Top Algo Trading Service in Bangalore.

Strategies to develop algo trading

Algo strategies can help you find the trend or reversal of a trend. Strategies on algo are supported price, volume, support, resistance or the opposite concept which the investor has confidence in and is comfortable with.

Trend identification

Since algo uses technology and data, it's more chances to detect the right trend.


Scalping is a strategy where traders buy and sell a share or commodity after a fixed time interval. There are two sorts of scalping models - forward scalping and reverse scalping.

Delta Neutral Strategies

Delta neutral means utilizing multiple positions to balance positive and negative changes. Market movements don't have any effect on the portfolio which is delta neutral. A delta-neutral portfolio evens out the response to plug movements for a particular range to bring the total change of the position to zero.