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About Us

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We believe in providing world-class broking service to our clients and stakeholders with optimum returns at a minimal cost. Our broking Model aims at minimizing your brokerage while you enjoy the most advanced online trading with the best customer service experience.

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After spending nearly one decade working as an ‘Electrical Engineer’ and one decade as a ‘Stock Market Analyst’. I choose to quit my previous career at the age of 40 and pursue my passion for "Stock Market Trading & Digital Entrepreneur".

My first exposure to the stock market was in the year 2011, as I quit my full-time job and started as a ‘Novice Day Trader’ in the stock market in no time, but somehow I realized that I had a passion for "Trading".

After my failure in my first attempt, repeatedly I tried in many ways to become a successful trader in the stock market and studied many books and ebooks. ‘’Stock Market ‘’ is always my first love. In these many years, I had developed many strategies, but they were not giving me confidence and results. Later as I started working on the price action strategy I was totally amazed by its accuracy, and I backtested the last 2 years’ historical data it was very accurate. After that, I completely focused on the ‘price action’ and developed My own strategy for “Day Trading”.

I was so confident with the price-action strategy that I decided to take up trading as a full-time profession. I knew that I got a system that has an edge and will perform well in almost all kinds of markets. I am a full-time trader now, I trade on a 5 minute time frame charts on Nifty, Bank-Nifty, and stocks, and developed my own Robot/Algo Trading Software System to perform according to my own strategy. It will help many young beginners and professional traders also.

For More Accurate ‘Faster Executions’, ‘Zero API cost, proper risk management (RR- 1:2 with TSL) Psychology control (no manual intervention) you may know about stock trading or not, you may be a beginner or a professional feel free to contact with us.

After joining with us you become an ‘’Always Winner’’ club in the stock market.