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What is AFL coding?

AmiBroker is one of the most effective charting software package for Technical Analysis and also provides a group of powerful tools like Analysis, Scan, Backtest and Optimization, etc for better mercantilism choices.

AmiBroker additionally has subtle options like advanced position filler, marking and ranking, movement trading, custom metrics, custom back testers, multiple-currency support and far more.

AmiBroker additionally supports custom indicators that may be coded in AmiBroker Formula Language or AFL and workable at run time. AFL could be a powerful language with that one will code a posh trading system with no trouble.

We at Algo Trades, code your mercantilism ideas or logic in AFL. We have a few years of expertise in writing complicated mercantilism system exploitation AFL. Start soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AFL? I am a beginner at Amibroker.

    AFL or Amibroker formula Language, is nothing but an exclusive language that helps an AmiBroker to scan, backtest, optimize and alter your coded algorithms.

  • Is having the knowledge of coding crucial for Amibroker?

    No, you need not have an in-depth knowledge of coding for using Amibroker as it is just a tool that converts your strategies into logical algorithms. One just has to plug and play with AFL codes which are already available there. However, the knowledge of coding will provide an upper hand in using Amibroker. You can easily edit the codes present in Amibroker or can create your own customized strategies.

  • Is there a ready-made AFL available?

    However, there are a lot of templates and customs available, a beginner can always try some basic codes. One can also contact our team for assistance with template codes and custom strategies.

  • Can I expect 100% profits in Algo Trading?

    Algo trading basically depends upon logic and calculations. All these data and logics are created by people using Algorithmics or manual trading, making the same results. Working with Algo Trading gives you the upper hand as it increases the probability of making perfect and more accurate logic and data. Algo Trading gives no assurance of having a 100% profit.

  • Is Algo Trading good for a person who is new at the stock market?

    It is not wise to try Algo Trading as a beginner at the Stock Market. You must try getting your hands on the manual trading first. Once you understand the stock market and have a steady income, then try Algo Trading.

  • Is Amibroker and AFL taught here?

    No, you will not get tutorials here but you will surely find assistance here. We assist you by providing a lot of codes and videos regarding Ami Broker to help you get started.

  • What amount of money is required to start off at Algo Trading?

    There is no fixed amount, you can start with an amount as minimum as 5000 rs and keep adding on to it in future. There is always a risk in Trading so use your money wisely.