Algo Trading

Key Features

Super Fast Competition Of Orders

API instantly processes your order in your Demat account.

Smart removal of false signals

The entries are not triggered exits, they are immediately removed to avoid mistakes and confusion.

Schedule Your Transactions and Trades

Customize and schedule your entry and exit timing in just a few clicks.

SMS and Email Notifications

Always stay updated with an SMS or Email notification on every trade and action running.

Online And Social Trading

Replicate transactions and trade or Profitable Algo.

Compatible with API based brokerage firms

Now, we are fully equipped and compatible with Zerodha, Upstox, aliceblue.

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Algo Trading

National stock exchange are derived from Algo trading

Algo trading is the future of trading as 70 percent of trades that are placed as of today on the national stock exchange are derived from Algo trading. So you can imagine that in an undeveloped market like India, 70 percent of trade volume is being generated by Algo trading then the percentage is obviously going to increase in forth coming years.

Algorithmic trading

Algo trading as the name indicates is algorithmic trading, whatever the stocks, strategies and rules we have for trading is to be feed to the computer program it will exhibit part on behalf of you. In algorithmic trading is the software or app where we are building our logic.

It is compatible with all API based Brokerage firms. Currently we are compatible with Zerodha, Upstox, and aliceblue.

You will get timely updates on every trade and changes via SMS/Mail.

Customize your time of entry and exit in just one click.

Through this Automatic trading your orders are processed instantly in your DEMAT account.

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