Stock Market Courses


Stock Market Courses

Nowadays, a lot of people want to do a degree in stock market to become a qualified stock market investor to make high capital, but the truth is there is no such thing as qualified stock market investor. Stock Market demands you the Research skills, Analyzing trade, High Finance Insights and Basic Knowledge in Stock market to become a Trade King.

We are providing you the best courses at very affordable prices.

Basics of Stock Market (90mins)

  • Introduction to Stock Market
  • What is IPO and how does it work?
  • What is Long and Short position in Equity Market?
  • What is Dividend and Bonus and Indian taxation system?
  • What are Index, BuyBack and Rights Issue?
  • How to place Live orders in your broker Terminal?

Technical Analysis (210mins)

Get Free Technical Analysis course by opening Trading account This course Includes,

  • Introduction to Technical analysis
  • What is Support and Resistance and Pivot Points?
  • What is Double top and Bottom?
  • Higher high and Higher low, Lower high and Lower low concepts
  • Head and Shoulder pattern
  • Introduction to candlesticks and its psychology
  • 2 Candle patterns
  • 3 candle patterns
  • What is EMA?
  • Optimization of EMA
  • What is MACD?
  • What is RSI?
  • RSI Divergence
  • Advanced RSI Concept
  • What is Super trend and How to take trades?
  • What is Golden and Death crossover and how to create scanners?

Future and Options (360mins)

Free on opening Trading Account

  • Introduction to Indian Future market
  • How future market works and how to trade in It?
  • Introduction to Options
  • What is Strike price and how to calcuate its premium?
  • Valuation of strike price
  • Time decay/premium decay in Options
  • What is Option writing and how is it different from Option Buying?
  • What is Strangle and Straddle?
  • What is Standard distribution and Normal distribution?
  • What is Blackscholes calculator?
  • Option Greeks explained in Detail
  • What is Historical and Implied volatility?
  • What is Open Intrest and How it effects trend of the market?
  • What is PCR and how to determine trend using it?
  • What is Protective call and put and covered Call and Put?
  • Iron condor, Butterfly, Diagonal and Calendar spread with their pay off graph

Algo Trading Course

Free on opening Trading Account

  • Introduction to Amibroker
  • How to Automate your trades using scanner and profitable algorithms?
  • Automated Open High low scanner
  • Initial range break out strategy
  • Super trend with Martingale